Obect Skeleton Detection Dataset with 1K+ Instances


This dataset, namely SK-LARGE, is used for evaluating the methods for skeleton extraction in natural images, which contents 1491 images selected from MS COCO [1], 746 for training and 745 for testing.

Each image in SK-LARGE has a corresponding skeleton map, which is extracted by using the approach introduced in [2]. Each groundtruth is represented by a .mat file, in which there are two fields:

pressue plot
Image showcase from SK-LARGE.

Skeleton Scale

The scale of a skeleton point is defined as its distance to the nearest edge point, which can be easily implemented by the Matlab function bwdist.

A Matlab script augmentation.m is attached for data augmentation (flip, rotate and crop the origin images as well as groundtruth maps).

How to Use

Download and do data augmentation through simple steps if you are on Linux with Matlab installed:

# download and extract data
tar -xvf sk1491.tar.gz
# data augmentation
matlab -nodisplay -r "run augmentation.m; exit"
skeval is the Code for skeleton-extraction performance evaluation.


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